Hello, I'm Barry

I help clients to achieve their business objectives without spending large amounts of money by providing facilities like: Shared Web Hosting, Personal Bespoke Websites, Blogs, Ecommerce, Dashboard designs and SSL Certificates (in association with world's most trusted SSL providers).

What do I do? I do a lot of things, here are the services I can provide for you

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SEO Marketer

I help your website perform well, ensuring you rank high for the right search criteria in Google.

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Web designer

I design then develop bespoke websites which your visitors will love becoming purely focused on conversion.

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Hosting provider

I help you every step of the way, giving you the option to have your domain and hosting managed for a small sum each month.

Let's showcase My builds and designs

My projects show what I can achieve as an individual, a project should be developed with the user in mind. As a web designer user interaction is one of my main aims when visiting a website, making a website look good should only be the first steps of developing a system for users. Explore my thought process throughout each of my projects, as this is a reflection of what I can provide for you as a service.

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Hobbies and interests My photography hobbies

Photography has always been a huge interest of mine, I like to travel quite a lot and capturing memories of amazing scenery feels like more than just a hobby to me. I like being able to capture pictures of buildings at interesting angles which can capture the most detail. I love being able to find the history in scenery and monuments. Checkout the photography I have captured overtime, I would also be more than happy to even provide this as a service if you are local.

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The website really helped kickstart our business Kenneth - Oakley and friends Oakley and friends logo

You provide the vision, I provide the solution

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