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Hello, I'm Barry I'm a web developer based in Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside. With courses to back up the experience, I am looking to help local businesses by providing them with an online presence. My designs and my builds represent my current abilities to provide you with a professional and fantastic looking website to reach out to your customers.

Edge Hill University creative edge

I had started off my passion for web design & development in 2015. Back when I was about to enter my second year of University. I had enrolled onto a computing course at Edge Hill not really knowing what I wanted to do. Which is how I had ended up discovering my passion for web design. I was studying a module which introduced the basics of HTML, CSS & jQuery. I enjoy making elements work together to produce a great looking outcome. To enhance my skills in this area, I progressed onto Udemy which helped put me onto the right track during my University Days.

Udemy is a great service for beginners who are looking into what's out there in the world of technology. Which for me at the time was exactly what I had neeeded, Omnifood had been my first main project which had introduced me to developing from a design and making a website responsive.

Omnifood website

My passion for PHP development had also come from Udemy, this had been first introduced to me as a login form project. At first, I was really intimidated by the programming language it looked like something I could never see myself understanding. But after seeing this broken down into smaller sections, understand how it would be built up to make something that seemed to complex. I had ended up self teaching myself into using PHP, particularly with database work.

The website really helped kickstart our business Kenneth - Oakley and friends Oakley and friends logo

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