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Cook my site aims to simplify the process of gathering user information during the requirements stage of a new project.

Cook my site had origionally started off as a creative agency. The origional aim was to connect different developers across the globe onto more of a remote platform. This had origionally achieved one project (BetCookie). This site would allow users to bet on their favourite esports team to win a game.

However launching this as a creative agency didn't work as such due to the founders at the time being too busy to progress the company. From this, I now own the rights to CookMySite, which is now being redesigned into a service for business' and freelance developers.

The aim is to provide clients with a unique link which will be in the form of an interactive questionnaire. Doing this will give an overview of what a client would like from the product which is being made. While providing plenty of customizability in the long-run.

The product is planned to be built using the Laravel platform, which will handle the security and the stability of the service. Alongside this, this can allow multiple developers to work on bringing this project to life. My role within this development will be front-end and partly back-end work.


September 2018



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If you liked the look of feel free to get in touch and find out what type of project I can develop for you, or simply leave your feedback. The end goal of all my projects are to provide you with a service which performs as well as it looks. While providing small startup companies with a strong chance of increasing their online presence.

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